The Shape of Nature

Brand Identity | Collateral | STrategy | Fund development

Lakeshore Park is a city treasure. But it’s not a city park. People are drawn to the park for one-of-a-kind venues and uncommon natural beauty. The continued growth and maintenance are only made possible through private funding and support of the Lakeshore Park Conservancy. 


At the heart of the conservancy are amazing people. They have a desire to make a difference in the lives of park visitors and to develop a special place to meet their ever-changing needs and preferences. But the conservancy was almost invisible, too few people knew it existed.


We were asked to develop an identity that could introduce the conservancy to the public and give them a brand that communicates their sensibilities. By physically walking Lakeshore Park for inspiration; we developed a new Lakeshore Park Conservancy identity that hints to the environment and unique architecture within Lakeshore Park. 

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